We had just arrived in Hawai'i after selling the second house in Oro Valley,
when Mom fell seriously ill and landed in the hospital.  While there, she said
that she had changed her mind and instead of moving back to Hawai'i, she
wanted to return to Arizona.  

What???  You're kidding, right???  But we've sold our house, I just put an
offer in on a house here and we have everything ready to ship...
2012 - 2017
With Before and After Renovation Photos
The Treehouse in Oro Valley
Karrie J. Butler
W i l d l i f e   A r t i s t   a n d   H o m e   R e n o v a t o r
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The Living Room
The Third House in Oro Valley
2017 to present
The Dining Area
The Kitchen
The Master Suite
The Selling Point for me!
A Cool Hidden Passage!
The Back Stairs
The appliances look in great shape in the photos,
but once we got in here, we had to replace all of
them.  We replaced them with stainless.  I am
currently painting walls and still need to refinish
the floor.
The "Dog Poop Brown" Second Bath
One accent wall with the brown wouldn't have been bad,
but this place was so filthy dirty, that I needed it to feel
super clean and bright when I got done with it.  
The difference doesn't show much in
the photos, but I lightened the walls
and installed a new entry light.  I still
need to refinish the floor.