Masters Degree in Finance
graduated Cum Laude
Baker College - Center for Graduate Studies
Flint, MI
Bachelor of Science Degree in Business
graduated Cum Laude
Saint Joseph's College
Standish, ME
Spanish Language Certificate
Instituto de Lengua Española
San José, Costa Rica
Associate of Arts Degree
Highline Community College
Des Moines, WA
Karrie J. Butler
W i l d l i f e   A r t i s t   a n d   H o m e   R e n o v a t o r
About the Artist
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I graduated with my
Associate of Arts Degree
at the age of 17, three
days before my high
school class graduated.
Art Shows
Entered and accepted in the
Hilo Rain Festival juried art show.
Hilo, Hawaii
Entered and accepted in the
Hilo Arts Festival juried art show.
Hilo, Hawaii
Entered and accepted in the
Edmonds Arts Festival juried art show.
Edmonds, WA
Entered and accepted in the
Edmonds Arts Festival juried art show.
Edmonds, WA
Entered and accepted in my first
juried art show.
HCC Library and Art Gallery
Des Moines, WA
Reading before the age of 3,
my parents enrolled me in
private school. At age 13,
I completed a two-year college
level course in just 6 months.
Skiing at age 2
Hiking up at Mount Rainier
Artist Biography
Petting a Koala Bear in
Born in the State of Maine, Karrie grew up in Seattle where most of her weekends were spent
up at Mount Rainier hiking and skiing in the National Park. This sparked her passion for
beauty and tranquility, for nature and especially for animals, which is reflected in her art.

Though her life story reads more like an adventure novel set in such exotic locations as Costa
Rica, Hawai'i, and the Desert Southwest, she began reading before the age of three. At the age
of 13, she completed a two-year college course in just 6 months, and was enrolled full-time in
college by the age of 16 where she graduated with an Associate in Arts Degree just one year
later.  She went on to earn a BS Degree in Business and an MBA in Finance.

It was in 1994 while working the job of her dreams in Hawai'i that she was viciously attacked
by a jealous co-worker.  She suffered a near fatal head injury and fractured neck.  The incident
left her with spinal cord damage rendering her legally blind, unable to walk, and having to
learn to do everything all over again.  Unable to return to outside employment, after several
years of rehabilitation she returned to selling her artwork and began renovating houses in
order to support herself.
In 1993, I was working my
dream job in Hawai'i.
In 1994, several months after
my co-worker tried to kill me, I
was legally blind and still in
traction after she fractured my
neck and skull.
I bought my first house of seven,
in Escazu', Costa Rica, designed
and built by my cousin.
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Other Milestones
In 1987 I bought my first, and so far only, brand-new
vehicle, one of the first Range Rovers to be sold in the
United States.
In 2001, I bought my second of seven house, this
one in Hilo, Hawai'i
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